Advantages of junk food. Is it good for you?

advantages of junk food

Junk food :

The term junk food is often defining as a food that is high in calories, salt, sugar and, fat and less in nutrients(proteins, vitamins, and minerals). We often think that fast foods are junk foods. Not all fast foods are junk foods as most of the fast foods are high in nutrients and less in calories like salad.

Example of junk foods :

Examples of junk foods are gum, candy, beverages, hamburgers, pizza, tacos. Snack foods, fries but it still depends on how much nutrients the food contains as pizza can consider as junk food or healthy food depending upon how it made. It can be regarded as junk food as it is high in calories and it can also be considered as healthy food as it contains grains, vegetables and, meat. So it depends upon the ingredients of food.

Nowadays the junk food is so common. Whether it’s a lunch or dinner, whether it’s a party or office meeting, we mostly choose junk food. But still, we see our parents stop us from eating junk foods because it has terrible effects on health as its definition says it is not suitable for health. But you will surprise to know junk food also have some advantages. Let’s see what benefits junk food has.

Advantages of junk food :

  • Economic benefits :
advantages of junk food

Junk food has economic benefits as it saves time at lunch and also saves money as junk food is usually cheaper than the other food. We can carry it with ourselves anywhere, and it is readily available. You can order it sitting your home.

  • Tastes good :
advantages of junk food

The other advantage of junk food is it tastes good. As any food with a high amount of fat, sugar and, salt tastes good. Moreover, you have choices. You can order any junk food of your own decision whether it’s a pizza, sandwiches or fries you have options in ingredients and flavors.

  • Drive-thru benefit :
advantages of junk food

Some people don’t like to cook at their home on weekends, or they don’t feel like cooking. You can go to any junk food restaurant, and you can order and take your meal sitting in your vehicle. Isn’t it amazing?

  • Contain nutrients :

As we know junk foods are foods that have no or very fewer nutrients, but still, some junk foods have some nutrients that are important for the human body like calcium, protein, iron and vitamin A and B6. Vitamin A help in lowering the risk of cancer, normalize blood sugar, prevent asthma and vitamin c give protection against eye diseases and skin diseases. Protein helps in healing the damaged tissues. Calcium makes our bones strong, and iron makes our red cells stronger that are important to carry oxygen.

  • Managing schedule :
advantages of junk food

As we know, the world is moving so fast these days it is so difficult for a person of any age group to manage time. According to the survey, the average family in the United States spends two hours in after school activities. It means they have very little time to cook food at home. As junk food is available at any time, we can manage our time effectively without going hungry.

Disadvantages of junk food :

Junk foods create a lot of problems in your body as it contains a high amount of fat and sugar. It has no nutrients and can be unhealthy. Here are some of the significant disadvantages of eating junk food that can lead to serious health issues.

  • Weight gain :
advantages of junk food

Eating junk food leads to weight gain. Because junk foods contain a high amount of calories, sugar, fats, and salt. If you take extra 3500 calories from your diet, it increases 1 pound of your weight so if you gain 500 calories from junk foods it will grow 1 pound of your weight in just a week. Junk foods are less in energy, so when you take junk foods, you end up craving more. It causes you to eat more of that food and leads to weight gain and obesity.

  • Leads to depression :
advantages of junk food

Taking food high in sugar and fat leads to hormonal changes that cause mood swings and stress. It also affects the activities of the brain. It reduces the ability to deal with stress and makes you return to that food to comfort yourself. It also causes a lack of nutrients like fatty acids and amino acids that leads to depression.

  • Memory problems :
advantages of junk food

A study showed that healthy people who take junk food for more than five days end up performing poorly in cognitive tests. So it shows taking junk food weakens our causes inflammation in the hippocampus of the brain (the part of the brain which is responsible for memory.)

  • Uncontrollable cravings :
advantages of junk food

Eating junk food can cause sudden changes in your sugar level. If your body has a high content of sugar and fats you try to eat fast and more to satisfy your junk food causes uncontrollable cravings.

  • Increases risk of heart disease :
advantages of junk food

Junk foods increase the level of cholesterol which is the cause of the development of heart disease. Junk food makes you obese, and when you put more weight, you have higher risks of heart disease.

Conclusion :

Our body needs nutrients. These nutrients work as fuel for our body as we know junk foods do not have nutrients or very fewer nutrients so we cannot rely upon junk foods only. But if you love junk foods, there is no need to be nervous because overall if you are taking a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight, then you can eat junk food occasionally. As we know, excess of everything is wrong so if we take junk food in excess, we can face serious health issues as we see the disadvantages of junk foods are more severe than its advantages. So junk foods should not be eaten regularly. Because if you eat it usually your body does not get enough fuel it needs.



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