Benefits of camel meat. Is it healthy for you?

benefits of camel meat

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Camel :

Camel is a mammal animal with long legs and a hump on its back. There are two types of camels. Dromedary camels and Bactrian camels. Camels with one hump are dromedary camels while camels with two humps are Bactrian camels. Camels are also known as a ship of deserts as they can go for an extended period without drinking. The average life of a camel is 30 to 50 years. Camel hump can store fats that they utilize in deserts when food and water are deficient. if you want to enjoy camel meat then i would recommend making its steak on the flat top grill

Camels are an excellent source of milk and meat. Camel meat is a source of vitamins, minerals(sodium, potassium, iron, copper, zinc, and magnesium), proteins, and immunoglobulins. Camel milk contains more vitamin C than cow milk. Camel milk has low fat and lactose. Camel milk can also be used to make ice cream, cheese, and butter.

Camel meat :


Camel is a good source of meat and camel meat is becoming famous due to the number of high nutrients it contains. Camel meat has less amount of fat as compared to other red meat. Camel meat has mainly eaten in regions including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Ethiopia,  Kazakhstan, and Somalia but it should be consumed in all parts of the world as it is rich in minerals, proteins, and vitamins.

Benefits of camel meat :

Let’s see some of the benefits of camel meat.

  • High in proteins :

Camel meat is very high in proteins and low in cholesterol. People who have diabetes and high cholesterol can use camel meat as it is very beneficial for them.the cholesterol level in camel meat is even low than in beef, goat, ostrich, and chicken. So camel meat can be used as a substitute for beef due to its low fat and low cholesterol.

  • Prevention of cancer :

Camel meat has a vital role in the prevention of cancer. Camel meat contains non-saturated fatty acid linoleic this fatty acid prevents the interaction with other polyunsaturated fatty acids and leads to the prevention of cancer. Camel meat contains energy nerve cells to use this energy to handle cerebral fatigue, Exhaustion, and nerve pain.

  • Rich in vitamins :

Camel meat is very rich in vitamins like vitamin A, and vitamin B. vitamin A keeps human skin and mucous membrane cells healthy. It also stimulates the immune system response that helps in fighting outer infections. Another function of vitamin A is that it acts like an antioxidant that protects cells against cancer and other diseases. In the human body, vitamin b is needed to convert glucose into energy. It is also necessary for the essential functioning of nervous system deficiency in vitamin b can lead to stress., anxious, and depression. So camel meat is an excellent source of vitamin B.

  • Prevent heart disease :

All red meats contain a high level of fats and intake of these fats in the body causes many cardiovascular diseases, including heart disease and high blood pressure. As we know, camel meat has fewer fats, so camel meat reduces the risk of heart diseases and diseases like obesity and colon cancer.

  • Cure many diseases:

Camel meat is beneficial in curing different diseases. Let’s take a look at conditions that camel cure.

  • Camel meat can cure seasonal fever, sciatica, and shoulder pain.
  • Camel meat soup can strengthen eyesight by curing corneal opacity.
  • Camel fat can be used to ease hemorrhoid pain
  • The hump fat in camel can be used to remove tapeworm
  • Dried camel lungs can cure asthma especially if taken with honey
  • Weight loss :

Camel meat also helps in weight loss. Studies have shown that camel meat is superior to other meat because of its low fat, so camel meat consumption is healthy and beneficial for weight loss.

  • Treats cough :

As we know, coughing is so disturbing, and it hinders us in daily activities. It makes our throat sore and itchy. To manage the cough fry camel liver and make its liquid by soaking it with hot water. Drink this liquid three times a day until your throat becomes fine.

  • Tastes good :

One of the benefits of camel meat is that it tastes good. Camel is a favorite meat for many people, especially for the Arab world. Ingulf states, it is consumed in several occasions like weddings. Many restaurants in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Riyadh serve dishes made by camel meat because of its delicious taste.

The reason why camel meat is healthy for us :

many reasons prove camel meat is very healthy for us some of the reasons are

  • camel meal is very high in proteins as compared to other meats, and it makes it unique.
  • Camel meat contains deficient fat and cholesterol, so it is very healthy for us.
  • Camel meat contains many vitamins so it’s a multivitamin food and it is perfect for our muscles.
  • Camel meat provides the essential amino acids that our body needs. It contains amino acids like met, Val, Trp, his, ile, and leu.
  • Camel meat is easy to chew, and that’s why it is suitable for older people.
  • Camel meat is juicy so it can be added in soups to increase flavor.

Nutrient chart of camel meat :

If we take 1kg of camel meat then the nutrients it takes are

Nutrients Amount of nutrients
Calories 1000
Carbs 0%
Fat 9 gram
Protein 213 gram

This chart shows that camel meat is very high in protein and calories while low in fat this property of camel meat makes it beneficial for us.

Conclusion :

The nutritional value in camel meat is slightly higher than the other meat and meat from the young camel is very healthy, so it should be market alongside sheep, goat, and beef all over the world. Moreover, camel meat has many remedial effects for many severe diseases, including hypertension, heart disease, and cancer, so it should be used more in our daily lives regardless of its cultural values.



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