Benefits of dates with milk

Benefits of dates with milk

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Introduction :

As we know, the date is full of nutrients that keep us healthy. Nutritionists say eating date every day can prevent many health problems. Milk is the healthiest drink.  Imagine if you consume dates and milk together how beneficial it would be for your health. Dates contain nutrients like carbs, sugar, proteins, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin K, vitamin B6, sodium, and zinc. Milk is rich in fats, proteins, carbohydrates, selenium, vitamin B6, vitamin A, calcium, vitamin D, copper, and zinc. In this article, we will see what health benefits we can get if we use milk and dates together.

Nutrients chart of dates :

100 grams of dates contain

Nutrients Amount
Carbs 75 g
Sugar 63 g
Protein 2.45 g
Calcium 39 mg (4% of daily value)
Iron 1 mg (8% of DV)
Magnesium 43 mg (12% of DV)
Phosphorus 62 mg (9% of DV)
Potassium 656 mg (14% of DV)
Sodium 2 mg (0% of DV)

nutrition value reference

Nutrients chart of milk :

100 grams of milk contains

Nutrients Amount
Sugar 12.8 grams
Carbs 11.7 grams
Fat 8 grams
Proteins 7.7 grams
Carbohydrates 12.8 grams (4% of daily value)
Calcium 276 mg (28% of DV)
Potassium 349 mg (10% of DV)
Iron 0.1 mg (0% of DV)
Selenium 9.0 mcg (13% of DV)

Dates milkshake :

The best way to consume milk with dates is dates milkshake. Moreover, it’s the healthiest shake. Let’s see how you can make dates milkshake.

Ingredients :

  • Dates
  • Milk

Instructions :

  • Add dates in a blender filled with milk
  • Add nuts of your choice like almond, cashew.
  • Blend it until it gets smooth.
  • Pour in a glass and serve.

Benefits of dates with milk :

Let’s see some of the benefits of dates with milk

  • Healthy heart :

The dates improve heart health. High levels of cholesterol, fat, calcium, and other substances in blood cause building up of plaque in arteries. This condition is called atherosclerosis. Dates reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood and finish any blockage in arteries.

Moreover, it contains potassium that is effective against heart diseases. Researches have shown that mice with a low level of potassium had a higher risk of getting heart disease than mice with a higher level of potassium. So if you have any heart problems, start eating dates with milk.

  • Cure constipation :

Dates with milk are beneficial against constipation. Take 5,6 dates and add them in 500 ml milk. Cook this mixture and allow it to cool. Take it with an empty stomach in the morning. Or you can make dates milkshake. The fiber in dates milkshake will prevent constipation. Due to fiber, water remains in your stool makes it softer and more comfortable to pass through your intestines. It fastens the passage of fecal material through the gut and prevents constipated feeling.

  • Strong bones :

Milk is rich in calcium. And dates are high in calcium, selenium, copper, and magnesium. These nutrients make your bones strong. Not just bones, these nutrients are also essential for strong teeth. These nutrients prevent osteoporosis(a disease in which the body loses too much bones). Calcium and magnesium work together to make your bones strong. Moreover, our body removes calcium daily to replace it with new calcium, so we need calcium daily. Add date milk in your diet today to get stronger bones.

  • Healthy skin :

Dates with milk make your skin smooth and glowy. It contains vitamin C, and vitamin D. vitamin C is a vital molecule for skin because of its antioxidants properties. Vitamin D protects the skin against ultraviolet radiation. It also prevents conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin.

Dates with milk have anti-aging benefits. Dates have phytohormones. These hormones have significant anti-aging effects. Moreover, dates prevent the growth of melanin (a pigment that gives the body its color) in the body. It makes your skin fair naturally.

  • Prevents cancer :

Milk mixed with dates contains natural oxidants. It is also rich in nutrients like magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium. These nutrients are great for the prevention of cancer. Several studies have shown that a higher level of magnesium in the body can lower the risk of cancer.

  • Treats anemia :

Due to the deficiency of red blood cells, your body tissues don’t get enough amount of oxygen. This condition is called anemia. Consuming dates with milk can treats anemia. Dates are rich in iron that promotes the growth of red blood cells and the circulation of blood in the body. If you don’t consume enough iron, your body can not make healthy oxygen-carrying red blood cells. Vitamin C in dates helps the body to absorb iron.

  • Healthy nervous system :

Dates with milk keep your nervous system healthy. It is rich in vitamin B, potassium, and sodium. These nutrients are essential to maintain the nervous system healthy. Our body sends messages to the brain from the body and to the body from the brain through the nervous system, and the messages from the brain are delivered in the form of nerve impulses. Sodium ions and potassium ions produce these nerve impulses. Potassium in dates keeps your brain healthy.

  • Cure sexual weakness :

Dates with milk are the best way to cure sexual weakness. Dates are rich in amino acid that boosts sex performance. Moreover, dates are a natural aphrodisiac so that it can increase stamina. Dates and milk also rich in flavonoids. Flavonoids increase sperm count and semen quality.

Conclusion :

Dates with milk are the healthiest drink. Dates soaked in milk will boost your energy during the will also improve mood, release stress, and increase working capacity. This drink enhances the level of vision, strengthens teeth, reduces the risk of diabetes, stimulates growth hormones, and strengthens hearing in older. Add dates and milk in your diet to experience its health benefits.



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