Disadvantages of drinking cold water.

Disadvantages of drinking cold water

Introduction :

As we know, drinking enough amount of water is very important for our body. Doctors recommend drinking eight glasses of water daily. Enough amount of water in our body helps in many body functions including metabolism and maintaining average body temperature. Everyone loves a glass of chilled water in summer. Whether we are back from office, school or a football game we need a glass of cold water to quench our thirst. Especially in the hot areas, people love to drink cold water but do you know? Drinking cold water has lots of disadvantages. That’s why our parents always say to mix cold water with regular water before drinking. It does not just make our throat terrible but it also has many health issues. Many people think that drinking cold water is not bad. We are going to see the disadvantages and advantages of drinking cold water in this article. In the end, we will see is it safe to drink cold water.

Disadvantages of drinking cold water :

Let’s see some of the disadvantages of drinking cold water.

  • Constipation :

When our intestines get contracted, it leads to constipation, and this is a significant reason for constipation. Drinking cold water makes our intestines contracted, and it also hardens the food. So food doesn’t pass through the body quickly and leads to constipation. So we should drink normal water to digest food properly.

  • May reduce heart rate :

When we drink cold water, our vagus nerve stimulates. Vagus nerve is one of the cranial nerves that connect our brain to the body. The shallow temperature of water affects the vagus nerve, and our heart rate slows down. Our heart starts to beat fast until the temperature gets normal. So drinking cold water is harmful to our hearts.

  • Effects digestion process :

Drinking cold water and cold beverages contract the blood vessels and stomach, so it hinders the digestion process. When we drink cold water, our body temperature decreases and our body uses energy to increase the temperature to healthy and when we eat food, there is no energy left for digestion so drinking cold water affects the process of digestion.

  • Sick throat :

If we don’t cover ourselves well on a cold winter day, we end up having a sore throat because of low body temperature. Our body behaves the same when we drink cold water. Our body produces an excess amount of mucus to warm coldness. This results in a sore throat and other infections.

  • Cause headache :

Drinking cold water can cause a headache. When we drink freezing water, it chills several nerves in the spine and causes a blockage which in turn causes a headache. If you are suffering from migraine, then cold water is harmful to you as it triggers the migraine pain.

  • The sudden shock to the body :

Drinking cold water creates a sudden collapse in your body. Trainers and doctors say to drink warm water after a workout. Because during exercise, our body produces a lot of heat. It increases the temperature of our body, so when we drink cold water right after the workout, there is a mismatch of temperature that creates a shock in our body, and we feel stomach pain.

  • No breakdown of fats :

When we take food, our body breakdown the fats we get from food. The body produces energy by breaking down fats, but cold water makes the fats solid so fats are wasted and we don’t get enough energy.

  • Cause respiratory problems :

Drinking cold water causes respiratory issues. When we drink cold water, it contracts our respiratory passage and if you have flu drinking cold water will make your mucus thick.

  • Bad for teeth :

Drinking cold water can be harmful to our teeth. When we drink cold water, we feel a sudden pain in teeth. It is because of the temperature change. So people with sensitive teeth should avoid drinking cold water.

  • Effects immune system :

Drinking cold water effects our immune system. When the temperature decreases, our body produces mucus, and it reduces the immune system functionality. Our body catches cold and fever quickly in this situation.

Advantages of drinking cold water :

Let’s see some of the advantages of drinking cold water.

  • Improves performance :

Drinking water during any exercise or workout can improve a person’s performance. During a workout, our body temperature increases. Coldwater is the best drink to cool it down.

  • Weight loss :

Drinking cold water helps in weight loss. When we go under the cold shower, our body temperature decreases, and our body starts the metabolism process to get average temperature it burns calories in this process. The same thing happens when we drink cold water. Our body begins the process to reach an average temperature (37 C), so cold water helps in losing weight.

  • Good for skin and hair :

Coldwater is good for skin as it helps the blood to rush at the surface of the skin. Coldwater makes our hair shiny by closing the cuticles and make them flatter.

  • Beat heatstroke :

Drinking cold water in summer can beat heatstroke. Our body absorbs cold water quickly than warm water, so it is good for health.

Conclusion :

There are some disadvantages of drinking cold water, but it doesn’t mean you completely stop drinking cold water. It has proven that drinking cold water improves your performance during exercise and it is better for the rehydration process especially in hot weather. However, drinking cold water can be harmful as you have read in this article drinking cold water can cause headaches, sore throat, and heart problems. So people who have migraines and flu should avoid cold water.

In daily routine, we should try to drink warm water as it has a lot of benefits. Warm water helps in better digestion, purifies the blood, and increases body detoxification processes. In summer you can drink cold water but avoid to drink ice-cold water.


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