Disadvantages of goat milk. Should you drink it or not?

Disadvantages of goat milk

Introduction :

Nutritionists highly recommend goat milk as it is full of nutrients. It is a typical drink all around the world, especially in Asian countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. Disadvantages of goat milk are rarely discussed as it is full of essential nutrients, but still, everything has some cons. Goat milk is not widely consumed as goats contribute to only 2% of the global milk supply. In some parts of the world, goat milk is preferable over cow milk. In this article, I will tell you about some of the pros and cons of goat milk.

Nutrition value of goat milk :

100 grams of goat,s milk contains

Nutrients Amount of nutrients
Calories 69
Fat 4.1 g
Sodium 50mg
Potassium 204 mg
Vitamin A 3% of the daily value
Calcium 13% of daily value
Vitamin D 12 % of the daily value
Vitamin C 2% of the daily value
Iron 0%
Magnesium 3% of the daily value

Nutrition value reference

Disadvantages of goat milk :

Goat milk is a healthy drink that keeps you fit and healthy, although it has some disadvantages. Let’s see some of the disadvantages of goat milk.

  • Rich in fats :

One of the disadvantages of goat milk is that it is rich in fats. No doubt, goat milk contains healthy fats that are required by your body, but a large amount of these fats can also harm your body function. If you take the same amount of goat milk and cow milk, you will see that goat milk contains twice the value of fats as compared to cow milk. The high amount of fat can affect people suffering from pancreatic issues. So people with pancreatic complications and people with thick blood should avoid goat milk.

  • Smell and taste :

The primary reason why people choose cow milk over goat milk is the strong smell of goat. Not everyone can stand the smell of goat milk. Moreover, it has a sweet, salty taste that many people hate. The strong smell of goat milk makes it hard to digest. That’s why goat milk is not for everyone. If you are consuming goat milk in the cold, there is a chance you can get cold sores.

  • Gas and bloating :
Disadvantages of goat milk

Many people face issues like gas and bloating while consuming goat milk. However, goat milk is less in lactose as compared to cow milk, which makes it easy to digest, but still, lactose in goat milk can cause bloating. It also causes constipation and diarrhea. Here tip is to start taking a small amount of goat milk and slowly increase the intake. It will help you in preventing issues like gas and bloating.

  • Not for kids :

It is not recommended to give goat milk to babies after breastfeeding period. When kids grow older, they need a specific amount of nutrients. Goat milk is high in calories and fats that can be harmful to children. A sudden high intake of nutrients can cause problems in their bodies. So it is better to start with cow milk, and then you can give goat milk to your children.

  • Lack of nutrients :

No doubt goat milk is high in nutrients, as I said above, but there are some essential nutrients that goat,s milk lacks. Goat milk is less in folic acid, B12, and zinc. Folic acid reduces the risk of cancer, and vitamin B12 increases the production of red blood cells. Vitamin B12 is also excellent for bone health. Zinc is an element that keeps your immune system strong and also prevents premature aging. Goat milk is fewer in these nutrients as compared to cow milk.

  • High in calories :

Goat milk is high in calories as compared to other kinds of milk like cow milk, almond milk, and cashew milk. Many people are conscious about their daily intake of calories, so read the label that describes calories in goat milk before buying. Your body converts a large number of calories into fat and creates many health problems.

Advantages of goat milk :

Let’s see some of the advantages of goat milk.

  • High in calcium :

Goat milk is rich in calcium. You need 1000 mg of calcium per day, and one cup of goat milk provides you enough amount of calcium. Calcium is an essential nutrient that keeps your bones and teeth strong. Moreover, your heart muscles need calcium to work properly. It also prevents diabetes and cancer.

  • Glowing skin :
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Goat milk is rich in vitamin A that keeps your skin healthy and glowy. It also helps in preventing acne and blisters. The lactic acid in goat milk prevents any dead body cells and promotes smoothness. Goat is used in many skincare products like lotion and facewash. It makes the skin of babies soft and glowing.

  • Easy to digest :

Many people are intolerant to lactose; that’s why they find it challenging to digest cow milk. Goat milk is less in lactose; that’s why it is easy to digest. Moreover, goat milk has smaller fat globules than cow milk that makes it easy to digest. The protein in goat milk helps it to digest when it reaches to stomach.

  • Prevents anemia :

The significant benefit of goat milk is that it prevents anemia. If you compare goat milk and cow milk, the winner is goat milk because it prevents diseases like anemia and osteoporosis. Nutrients like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and selenium in goats are easily digestible and prevent anemia.

  • Less inflammatory :

As you know, inflammation is a root cause of many diseases like acne and eczema. Cow milk can cause inflammation, while goat milk is less inflammatory. It has high fatty acid contents and low lactose levels that make it less provocative.

Conclusion :

Goat milk is the healthiest drink that keeps you healthy. But still it has some disadvantages, and you must consider those disadvantages before consuming goat milk. I will say you must use ass goat milk in your diet to experience its amazing health benefits. But keep it in moderation as you may face problems like gas and bloat due to its high content of fats and calories.


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