Does milk help you grow? Benefits of drinking milk

Does milk help you grow?

Introduction :

Your parents always told you to drink milk when you were kids. It is because milk is full of all nutrients that are required by the body to perform well. Milk is rich in nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin B12, riboflavin, niacin, phosphorus, calcium, and potassium. Your body parts require these nutrients to grow. Drinking milk daily keeps you healthy. Milk is a highly nutritious drink, especially for kids. Protein is the nutrient that helps in the growth of bones and height, and milk is full of protein.

Nutrition value of milk :

100 grams of cow milk contains

nutrients amount
Calories 42
Protein 3.4 g (6% of DV)
Calcium 12% of DV
Potassium 150 mg
Carbs 5 g
sugar 12.3 g
Fat 1 g
Sodium 44 mg

nutrition value reference

Does milk help you grow?

Your parents always tell you to drink milk, but the question is, does milk help you grow? Before answering this question, I will tell you about the factors that are involved in the growth of a child.

  • Genetics :

Most peoples’ height is controlled by genetics. Scientists have estimated that the height of 80% of people depends on DNA variation. It means your height is determined by how tall were your parents. And what genes you have inherited from them. If it is not in your genes to grow taller than food cannot help you.

  • Potential height :

This term means the maximum height that you can achieve. It means you will continue to grow with your age if nothing goes wrong. Like if you don’t face any disease. Your genetics determines your maximum height, and you grow to that maximum height with your age. Supplements or milk can help you in achieving your potential height, but you cannot grow taller.

  • Insulin-like growth factor 1 :

IGF-1 is a hormone that plays a vital role in a child,s growth. Our body produces this hormone naturally. If your body has more amount of this protein, it will help you to grow taller. Researches have shown that people who drink milk daily have more amount of this hormone than those who don’t drink milk. It shows that milk contains this hormone. IGF-1 supplements are also used to treat kids with height disorders.

  • Age :

Your height also depends on your age. During puberty, your body speeds up the growth. Your height mostly grows to 18-20 age. Most of the time, after this age, your height stops growing, and if you have stopped growing milk or any other food cannot help you grow. So it depends on your age, gender, and many other factors.

Conclusion :

It is clear from the points I have mentioned above, milk cannot help you grow taller directly as it depends on genetics, but milk contains nutrients that can help you grow. Milk is rich in nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin D, and calcium. These nutrients can help you grow. Vitamin A can help bones to grow. Vitamin D preserves bone strength, and calcium in the body is excellent for bones. It is a building block of bones. Hence milk can help you grow taller.

How milk help you grow?

Milk contains nutrients that help you grow taller. These nutrients include vitamin A, vitamin B12, calcium, riboflavin, phosphorus, and protein when your body consume these nutrients. It starts working on bones, and strong bones are a part of overall growth.

  • Calcium :

Milk is rich in calcium, and calcium is the main component of bone tissue. It is essential for bone formation. Calcium also helps in the establishment of Skelton when your body starts growing. Studies have shown that a low intake of calcium below 300 mg/d leads to a shorter height, and intake higher than 400 mg/d can lead to taller height. It shows the importance of calcium for your body. You can quickly Increase your calcium intake by drinking milk daily.

  • Vitamin D :

Milk contains enough vitamin D. Vitamin D regulates calcium and phosphorus metabolism. Calcium and vitamin D work together in the body. If your body is rich in calcium but has a lower amount of vitamin D, you can not get benefits with calcium. Vitamin D is also involved in bone formation. It is used in height increase supplements. The lower amount of vitamin D in the body can prevent you from achieving potential height. Add milk in your diet to increase vitamin D intake.

  • Vitamin A :

Vitamin A is another essential factor for growth. Vitamin A is required for the growth and maintenance of epithelial tissues. Vitamin A is also called retinol acid, as it is excellent for night vision. It keeps your bones healthy as it promotes bone growth. Moreover, it is an oxidant that has a crucial role in cell growth and maintains a healthy immune system. Milk provides you a large amount of vitamin A.

  • Phosphorus :

Phosphorus is another excellent nutrient that helps in growth. Your body needs phosphorus, calcium, and vitamin D together to keep your bones healthy. Milk is high in phosphorus. Your body must have a balanced amount of phosphorus. If your body has an excessive amount of phosphorus, it can lead to spikes in blood pressure.

  • Vitamin B12 :

Milk is a source of vitamin B12. This vitamin helps to convert food into energy. It also helps in forming red blood cells. Muscle growth depends on efficient communication between the brain and muscles. Vitamin B12 makes this communication efficient. It also has a crucial role in bone formation. So it has an impact on the overall growth of a child.

These nutrients in milk can help you grow taller. So if you think your height is shorter than your age, add milk in your diet. You can also use height supplements but after consulting your doctor.



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