Benefits of eating dry fruits empty stomach. Is it healthy for you?

Eating dry fruits empty stomach
Eating dry fruits empty stomach

Introduction :

When the water content is dried out from fruit, it becomes dry fruit. You can do it either naturally or through sun drying. Dry fruits are full of essential minerals and nutrients that keep you healthy. Nutritionist recommends dry fruits due to their health benefits. Dry fruits include almond, apricot, pistachios, cashew, dates, peanuts, raisins, and walnuts. The good thing is that dry fruits can be preserved easily so you can eat dry fruits in every season.

Nutrition chart of dry fruits :

Dry fruits Bowl of hundred grams contain

Nutrients Amount of nutrients
Calories 359
Carbohydrates 83 g
Potassium 164 mg
Vitamin B6 15% of the daily value
Vitamin C 93% of DV
Vitamin A 1% of DV
Iron 4%
Magnesium 3% of DV

nutrition value reference

Should you eat dry fruits on an empty stomach :

Yes, you can eat dry fruits with an empty stomach. The best time to consume dry fruits is in the morning with an empty stomach. You often miss your breakfast because of the busy schedule. While it is mandatory to eat something within a half hour when you wake up. Soaked dry fruits are best to eat when you wake up. Moreover, eating dry fruits in the morning will keep you energetic all day. You will get a fresh start, and your body will be in peace all day.

Health Benefits of eating dry fruits on an empty stomach :

Let’s see some of the benefits of eating dry fruits on an empty stomach

  • Prevents constipation :

One of the benefits of eating dry fruit in the morning is it cures constipation. As I said earlier, dry fruits are rich in fiber that helps to prevent constipation. The fiber in dry fruits makes the waste softer and larger. It helps it to pass through the intestine easily. Gastrointestinal fluid in the body helps in the digestion of food. The high content of glucose in nuts provides this fluid that aids in digestion and prevents constipation. Eat anjeer or fig in the morning if you are suffering from constipation.

  • Weight loss :

Dry fruits with empty stomach boost metabolism. People who use dry fruits daily now its benefits for weight loss. Dry fruits are fewer in fats and sugar and full of essential nutrients. Studies have shown that walnut is related to weight loss. As it is rich in good cholesterol and fewer in bad cholesterol. Eating walnuts every day in the morning can help you in fat loss. It also promotes a healthy weight. Best dry fruits to lose weight are dates, walnuts, apricot, and almonds.

  • Healthy skin :

Dry fruits are highly effective for skin. Everyone wants smooth and shiny skin. You can achieve healthy skin just by adding dry fruits in your diet. Nutrients in dry fruits expel toxins from your skin and make it glow. It also controls aging. If you eat dry fruits with an empty stomach, you will feel a healthy change in your skin within days. Best dry fruits for healthy skin are cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, pistachio, dates, and raisins.

  • Prevents anxiety :

You must be thinking about dry fruits can avoid stress. But it is right, yes, dry fruits can prevent anxiety and depression. As dry fruits are rich in a pigment called beta carotene that prevents depression and anxiety. A high intake of beta carotene in the body improves symptoms of depression. Take dry fruits in the morning daily to avoid anxiety. Dry fruits also improve your memory.

  • Healthy heart :

Dry fruits prevent many heart diseases and keep your heart healthy. Raisins keep your blood pressure regular. They are also significant for the control of cholesterol levels in the body. Almonds are rich in vitamin E. The intake of food rich in vitamin E is associated with a lower risk of heart diseases in women and older people. Nuts are rich in potassium, calcium, and magnesium. They control blood pressure and prevents irregularity in cholesterol levels.

  • Improves hemoglobin level :

Dry fruits are rich in iron. It is essential to prevent anemia. As deficiency of iron in the body causes anemia. It also improves hemoglobin levels in the body. Dry fruits also contain nutrients like vitamin B, phosphorus, copper, and fats. These nutrients increase hemoglobin levels in the body. Start taking almonds, figs, cashew, raisins, and pistachio in the morning to increase the hemoglobin level in the body.

  • Strong bones :

Dry fruits make your bones strong. Dry fruits like dried plums are rich in calcium that keeps your bones healthy. Almonds are also rich in calcium. Almonds contain nearly 200 mg of calcium dose that is enough for a day. The best way to consume almonds is to soak them water all night and eat in the morning. Figs are also excellent for bones.

Side effects of eating dry fruits :

Dry fruits don’t have any direct side effects for our bodies. But it should be consumed in moderation. If not, it can cause serious health issues.

  • Dry fruits can increase risk of diabetes
  • Dried fruits contain sulfites that can cause allergy.
  • As I said earlier, dry fruits are best for the heart, but if taken not in moderation, it can cause heart problems.

Excess of everything is terrible. So please keep it in moderation. The best time to consume dry fruits is in the morning with an empty stomach.


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