Top health benefits of sour cream

Health benefits of sour cream

Sour cream :

Basically, sour cream is a dairy product. When we fermented a pure cream with some kind of lactic acid, it becomes sour cream. Nowadays, sour cream has become one of the daily useable ingredients of our kitchen. It is used to soften baked goods. It is used as an alternative to mayonnaise. It makes the salad, ice cream, potatoes when added in it. Sour cream has many health benefits because of the healthy nutrients it contains. In this healthy article about sour cream, I will tell you about the health benefits of sour cream.

Nutrition chart of sour cream :

100 grams of sour cream contains

Nutrients Amount of nutrients
Calories 444
Carbs 8.1 grams
Fat 45.4 gram
Protein 4.8 gram
Calcium 288 mg
Potassium 297 mg
Magnesium 23 mg
Vitamin A 586 IU
Vitamin B3 0.161 mg
Sodium 324 mg
Copper 0.037 mg

Types of sour cream :

There are different types of sour cream

  • Sour cream to reduce fat :

This type of sour cream contains fewer amounts of fat; that’s why it is called reduced-fat sour cream. It contains about 40% fewer fats as compared t the traditional sour cream.

  • Regular sour cream :

it is made up of lactic acid usually. It is also called traditional sour cream. Different kinds of products like ranin, gelatin, and guar gum are used to make this type of sour cream.

  • sour cream with no fat :

this type of sour cream is with no fat. Starch is used to preserve this type of sour cream.

Health benefits of sour cream :

Following are the health benefits of sour cream

  • Better growth :

Sour cream is rich in vitamin B12. Our body continuously releases these vitamins because these vitamins are water-soluble. Sour cream provides enough vitamin B, and vitamin B12 helps the body with overall growth. It also promotes the health of different body parts like hair and nails.

  • Healthy eyes :

Our body needs a large amount of vitamin A to keep the eyes healthy. Vitamin A is good for vision. It also prevents many health issues like night blindness and color blindness. Vitamin A allows our eyes to work correctly in low light vision. So as our age increases, we need a large amount of vitamin A. sour cream is rich n vitamin A.

  • Healthy hair :

Sour cream contains proteins that assure healthy hair. Proteins play a significant role in the growth of hair. It is also used in many hair care products like conditioners. The deficiency of proteins leads to hair fall. So if you want to make your hair secure, start using sour cream.

  • Healthy skin :

As I mentioned above, sour cream is rich in proteins that are beneficial for skin health. Proteins promote healthy skin and hair. Whey protein in sour cream makes you look good from outside. I make your skin smooth and healthy. It contains collagen and amino acids that increase your skin,s elasticity.

  • Healthy bones :

Sour cream contains a lot of phosphorus that is beneficial for your bones and teeth. Phosphorus combines with calcium and makes the bones strong. It prevents one of the primary bones disease osteoporosis. One of the significant benefits of phosphorus is it makes your heart healthy and prevents cardiovascular ailments.

  • Cells protection :

Sour cream contains nutrients that maintain cells in the human body. It also supports the formation of red blood cells in the body. Vitamin B12 in sour cream preserves the nerve cells that are in the body. Daily intake of sour cream helps in the formation and maintenance of cells.

Disadvantages of sour cream :

You must use sour cream in limit because it can cause

  • Diarrhea
  • Itchy skin
  • Watery eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Stuffy nose
  • Nasal stuffiness


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